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Dr Raj Mattu petition

April 1st, 2010

Please help . The Doctor still is not working while NHS bosses waste millions stopping him working. We are finding out about thousands of excess deaths in the NHS and we need more Dr Mattus.

from the Dr Raj Mattu reinstatement committee:-

I am sure that most of you have come across Dr Raj Mattu case. Please have a look at the further information on the link below and if you feel that the health authorities and managers have a case to answer then please show your support by:

* Signing the petition, you may make appropriate comments
* Circulate the link to your family & Friends as well as wider circulation

We aim to keep the petition open till 3rd week in April and would like as many people as possible to show their support.

Joanna Lumley backs green leader Caroline Lucas

May 22nd, 2009

The times newspaper reports that we have an endorsment for the Green party Leader, Caroline Lucas, from Joanna Lumley.

Shockingly our MP has welcomed the victory by Joanna in the Nuneaton News even but voted against her in the house of Commons. I can only guess why he puts his party before voting for what he claimes to support!

From the times:-

It is an endorsement likely to carry some considerable weight in these febrile times. The battle for Joanna Lumley’s political soul has been won by the Greens.

Fresh from her Gurkha victory over Gordon Brown, the actress has thrown her support in the European elections on June 4 behind Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party, who is one of the current MEPs for the South East region. Lumley said: “Caroline is a tireless campaigner in the European Parliament, staunchly defending human rights and strongly promoting greater protection for animals. I urge you to cast a positive vote for a better future by voting Green in the European Elections.”