All green space at risk in massive house building strategy

May 24th, 2009

Few people are aware that after the local elections there will be a consultation over which green spaces will be lost to build 10,700 new homes.

We will not have a chance to change the numbers because they will not ask us how many is needed. The 8 options will just set one community against another as to where they go. One option is show below but every bit of green space is at risk in one of the 8 options. If the downturn ends we are going to lose a big amount of our space and have one massive traffic problem.

see report at NBBC cabinet

Labour MP, Olner, has Gurkha Voting Guilt!

May 24th, 2009

Bill Olner said in the Nuneaton News on Friday

“Finally, I would like to say how delighted I am about the announcement for the Gurkhas. To be honest I felt a bit guilty that I voted along with the government…”

Mr Olner should feel very guilty. He has supported the Gurkhas in the press, signed the Early Day Motion on the 28th April and then voted against them in the commons on the 29th.

We need MPs to vote against their party when it is clearly wrong. MPs who are just sheep following their party has lead us into illegal wars, cuts in public services and immoral policies. It is time to strip them all of the title Honourable members.

Why have an MP who knows the moral way to vote but always seem to do the wrong thing. I can only assume the Labour whips keep him well supplied with sprits and beer to make sure he does not have an attack of morals.

Joanna Lumley backs green leader Caroline Lucas

May 22nd, 2009

The times newspaper reports that we have an endorsment for the Green party Leader, Caroline Lucas, from Joanna Lumley.

Shockingly our MP has welcomed the victory by Joanna in the Nuneaton News even but voted against her in the house of Commons. I can only guess why he puts his party before voting for what he claimes to support!

From the times:-

It is an endorsement likely to carry some considerable weight in these febrile times. The battle for Joanna Lumley’s political soul has been won by the Greens.

Fresh from her Gurkha victory over Gordon Brown, the actress has thrown her support in the European elections on June 4 behind Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party, who is one of the current MEPs for the South East region. Lumley said: “Caroline is a tireless campaigner in the European Parliament, staunchly defending human rights and strongly promoting greater protection for animals. I urge you to cast a positive vote for a better future by voting Green in the European Elections.”

Coventry Telegraph – Tory Green Councillor expenses shame

May 17th, 2009

From the Coventry telegraph on th 16th May 2009 as a result of Green party Freedon of Information request about keith Kondakor finding out that Tory Councillor Martin Heatley claiming £8,600 in Travel expenses. This is on top of the Vast abount paid for traveing to EU quangos.

see here for full table of expenses

coventry telegrap 16 May 2009 page 1

coventry telegrap 16 May 2009 page 1

coventry telegrap 16 May 2009 page 1

coventry telegrap 16 May 2009 page 6

page 6

Warwickshire’s home care workers axed and gagged

May 13th, 2009

The Nuneaton news reports that home care works have been send a “gagging order” to stop them talking to MPs or Councillors about the loss of their jobs!

I hope to get a copy of the gagging letter soon and will publish a copy here if I do.

The only way to stop the job losses and service cuts is to vote Green. Labour will make some noise but would let the Tories do something so stupid.

If any of them would like to email or phone me then I can try to help and apply pressure on the Tories. Phone 024 76 344 079 – no need to leave name.

wcc website

leamington courier nuneaton news

Reablement service to replace Home care Workers

Does reablement sound like something good? I am sure some people could be helped to look after themselves better but this policy at Warwickshire County Council is focused on cutting jobs. Those who have been given reablement will have less care than before and more people will have been added to the Jobless totals.

Reablement is replacement of homecare just like being mugged is giving to Charity.

Next Secret Cabinet Meeting

The Cabinet is meeting on the 28th of May at Warwick. It will discuss the cuts to home care service in a non-public session after the main cabinet meeting. There will be no press or public allowed to know what is said.

see item 21 on agenda

Cameron came to town

May 11th, 2009

This evening David Cameron was at Kegs. He was very skilful and a true expert in spinning privatisation of services as freedom of choice. Strangely I was one of the few people who were not allowed to ask him a question. I guess that is why they sat me at the very edge.

If you are reading this, Mr Cameron, I was going to ask you to give up on trying to reform the Tories and join the Green Party instead. After a long introduction we can get you to understand about social justice is better than the free market that has made such a mess. David said MPs need to rebuild trust – I say its better to make a fresh start with new people and a new party. I would think a move to Stoke-on-Trent would help refresh things.

I would also liked to ask how a local Tory County Council could run up a £8,600 bill in one year.

Keith Kondakor

Stopping school nightmare

May 11th, 2009

Labour Government academy policy and the Tory run County Council is making the future of Nuneaton secondary schools as clear as mud. We have the local Labour party weakly opposing the academy plans while trying not say at academy schools do not work.

The only sensible vote to keep all our local schools open and well funded is to vote for the Green Party.

Academy schools are labour policy carried out by a Tory County Council.

It is likely that all the schools are going to be in limbo as the money to build the schools has been lost.

Warwickshire Councillors allowances

May 10th, 2009

The County Councillors get paid a basic allowance, more for responsibility and over £100,000 in travel cost. We need to get the detail of how some have spent £1,000s on travelling. The most remarkable is local Freemason, Farmer and Cabinet member for Environment who charged us £8,672.52p for Travel in 2007/8.

Cllr Martin Heatley travels to London First Class and manages to claim for 52 miles round trip to have a meeting with the NFU at Shire Hall which is only 18 miles from his farm. Going the long way via M6 junction 2 only makes this a 45 mile round trip.

Data from Freedom of information request as 8th May 2009

XXC Members Annual Allowances Effective Date : ’31-mar-2009′ Version 1.0 08-MAY-2009 11.24.56 AM
Full Name Basic Allowances Special Responsibility Allowance Travel and Subsistence Total ward party
Heatley, Mr Martin 8,948.04 10739.88 8672.52 28360.44 Nuneaton Whitestone Conservative
Saint, Mr Christopher John 8,948.04 10739.88 6416.12 26104.04 Shipston-on-Stour Conservative
Farnell, Mr Alan John 8,948.04 22408.92 6021.34 37378.30 Nuneaton Weddington Conservative
Grant, Mr Richard John (Richard) 8,948.04 7121.28 5115.09 21184.41 Hartshill Labour
Chattaway, Mr Richard Norman 8,948.04 7121.28 5031.95 21101.27 Bede Labour
Seccombe, Mrs Isobel Elizabeth 8,948.04 10739.88 4585.99 24273.91 Stour & The Vale Conservative
Collett, Mr Gordon Dean 8,948.04 0.00 3380.21 12328.25 Dunchurch Conservative
Fowler, Mr Peter John 8,948.04 10739.88 3375.58 23063.50 Coleshill Conservative
Haynes, Mr John 8,948.04 3046.90 3273.51 15268.45 Bedworth North Labour
Ross, Mr John Francis Sims 8,948.04 0.00 3231.26 12179.30 Bulkington Conservative
Stevens, Mr Robert Anthony 8,948.04 13445.52 3192.31 25585.87 Feldon Conservative
Jones, Mr Michael John 8,948.04 7121.28 2979.47 19048.79 Nuneaton Galley Common Labour
Hobbs, Mr Richard Guy 8,948.04 10739.88 2877.10 22565.02 Aston Cantlow Conservative
Burton, Mr John James 8,948.04 1241.44 2869.45 13058.93 Nuneaton St. Nicolas Conservative
McCarthy, Mrs Helen Margaret 8,948.04 0.00 2859.53 11807.57 Studley Conservative
Hayfield, Mr Colin Charles 8,948.04 10739.88 2728.41 22416.33 Arley Conservative
Moss, Mr Brian Peter 8,948.04 3046.90 2232.74 14227.68 Kingsbury Labour
McCarney, Mr Frank 8,948.04 7121.28 2165.81 18235.13 Bedworth West Labour
Forwood, Mrs Anne 8,948.04 0.00 2061.49 11009.53 Atherstone Labour
Timms, Mrs Heather Mary 8,948.04 9498.44 1960.42 20406.90 Earl Craven Conservative
Knapman, Mrs Nina Blanche 8,948.04 1077.60 1798.53 11824.17 Alcester Liberal Democrat
Appleton, Mr John Robert 8,948.04 1872.60 1741.00 12561.64 Southam Conservative
Tandy, Mrs June Anne 8,948.04 11930.28 1610.25 22488.57 Nuneaton Wem Brook Labour
Perry, Mr Michael Leonard 8,948.04 0.00 1565.75 10513.79 Stratford South Conservative
Stanley, Mr Michael Edward 8,948.04 0.00 1476.30 10424.34 Polesworth Labour
Smith, Mr Ian Paul 8,948.04 0.00 1415.56 10363.60 Caldecott Conservative
Hodkinson, Mr Douglas James 8,948.04 2421.90 1384.62 12754.56 Lawford & New Bilton Labour
Tooth, Mr Sidney Richard 8,948.04 0.00 1294.35 10242.39 Nuneaton Camp Hill Labour
Doody, Mr Michael 8,948.04 0.00 1281.89 10229.93 Cubbington Conservative
Wells, Mr John Francis 8,948.04 759.09 1243.95 10951.08 Brownsover Labour
Sweet, Mr Raymond (Ray) 8,948.04 7121.28 1220.66 17289.98 Baddesley Ensor Labour
Davis, Mr Christopher Charles Lawson 8,948.04 1077.60 1141.48 11167.12 Leamington Milverton Liberal Democrat
Atkinson, Mr George 8,948.04 1178.64 1138.40 11265.08 Henley-in-Arden Conservative
Barnes, Mr Frederick Peter 8,948.04 3384.54 1098.39 13430.97 Bidford-on-Avon Liberal Democrat
Cockburn, Mr Alan James Lancaster (Alan) 8,948.04 10739.88 1073.26 20761.18 Kenilworth St. John’s Conservative
Roodhouse, Mr Jeremy Mark (Jerry) 8,948.04 7754.40 1010.41 17712.85 Eastlands & Hillmorton Liberal Democrat
Cavanagh, Mr Denham Thomas 8,948.04 0.00 972.53 9920.57 Admirals Labour
Whitehouse, Mr John 8,948.04 1077.60 963.82 10989.46 Kenilworth Abbey Liberal Democrat
Compton, Mrs Josephine 8,948.04 0.00 962.58 9910.62 Leek Wootton Conservative
Main, Mrs Laura Susan 8,948.04 0.00 834.19 9782.23 Wellesbourne Conservative
Hicks, Mr Robert Donald 8,948.04 0.00 783.65 9731.69 Nuneaton Abbey Labour
Vereker, Mr Charles John Prendergast (John) 8,948.04 7121.28 772.83 16842.15 Caldecott Conservative
Randev, Mr Rajendar Nath 8,948.04 3046.90 593.08 12588.02 Warwick West Labour
Shilton, Mr David John 8,948.04 0.00 561.50 9509.54 Kenilworth Park Hill Conservative
Caborn, Mr Leslie 8,948.04 0.00 511.28 9459.32 Bishops Tachbrook Conservative
Dill-Russell, Mrs Jill Patricia 8,948.04 1077.60 506.80 10532.44 Stratford Avenue & New Town Liberal Democrat
King, Ms Katherine Mary 8,948.04 0.00 502.83 9450.87 Brownsover Labour
Hyde, Mr Richard Oliver Hamilton 8,948.04 1859.42 493.00 11300.46 Stratford South Conservative
Boad, Mrs Sarah Elizabeth 8,948.04 7121.28 431.80 16840.12 Leamington North Liberal Democrat
Dodd, Mr Richard James 8,948.04 1077.60 425.58 10451.22 Eastlands & Hillmorton Liberal Democrat
Goode, Mrs Eithne Marie 8,948.04 1077.60 406.01 10431.65 Leamington North Liberal Democrat
Browne, Mr Cecil Kenneth Nigel 8,948.04 7121.28 298.71 16368.03 Warwick North Labour
Singh, Mr Mota 8,948.04 3046.96 214.51 12209.51 Leamington Brunswick Labour
Longden, Mr Barry James 8,948.04 7121.28 187.84 16257.16 Arbury & Stockingford Labour
Haywood, Mrs Marion Beatrice 8,948.04 6187.22 44.82 15180.08 Warwick South Conservative
Singh, Mr Kanwardeep 8,948.04 0.00 0.00 8948.04 Poplar
Naylor, Mr Timothy William Murray 8,948.04 7156.08 0.00 16104.12 Leamington Willes Labour
Morris-Jones, Mr Robert Phillip Lort (Phillip) 8,948.04 0.00 0.00 8948.04 Fosse Conservative
Lea, Mrs Joan 8,948.04 0.00 0.00 8948.04 Water Orton Conservative
Kirton, Mr Bernard 8,948.04 0.00 0.00 8948.04 Whitnash lndependent
Henry, Mrs Patricia 8,948.04 0.00 0.00 8948.04 Arbury & Stockingford Labour
Booth, Mr David 8,948.04 7121.28 0.00 16069.32 Kineton Liberal Democrat

Green Party in Nuneaton to stand a full slate for Warwickshire County Council Elections.

May 6th, 2009

The Green Party has been transforming politics in towns and cities across the UK.  Green Councillors have saved post offices, made streets safer, and are well known for working hard for local communities because they believe in putting the community first.  The Green Party is forming its own autonomus Local Party in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

So everyone has the chance to vote for the Green Party and therefore to vote for a safer, cleaner, and fairer society in the two Elections on the 4th June.

The top priority for the Green Party is to save local services from more damaging cuts and highly risky privatisations.  We face the planned sacking of the councils home care staff, starting up Academy Schools, further Post Office closures and merging Nuneaton & Bedworth Fire Stations.  Both Labour and Conservatives are putting the profits of business ahead of needs of the public.

The full slate of 14 candidates for seats within the Borough is made up of 8 women and 6 men. The presence of so many female candidates is common in the Green Party, which has recently selected Caroline Lucas as it leader.

The most prominent candidate is likely to be Keith Kondakor, the award winning environmental campaigner who spent most of the last year fighting the planned hazardous waste plant at Judkins. Keith will stand in the Nuneaton town centre Abbey ward.

Keith said, “When elected as the County Councillor for Abbey division I will have one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in Nuneaton.  The problems faced by 6000 people with the County Council will become my problems.  I am not a Politician like the rest, and I will really change things for the better.  Just having my photo taken outside a closing post office or vandalised building is not enough.  I campaign on an issue until all hope is lost and then campaign some more.  I do not give up. The County Council will have a very hard time to close anything in Nuneaton Abbey when I am elected.”

Labour stop me speaking!

May 4th, 2009

It seems that election ‘silly season’ started on the 29^th April when County Councillor June Tandy banned me from speaking at the Abbey and Wembrook ward forum. I know the chair of the meeting has the power to chose who speaks and to keep discussion relevant but I did not expect to be savaged for just raising my hand after everyone else had spoken. If permitted I would have told the community forum about the Air Quality Monitoring Zone to be set up at Abbey Green where the area regularly breaches EU safety limits. The pollution from queuing traffic will be shortening the lives of those who live in zone. I would have told the community that the issue is going to come up at the borough council in the next few months and how they can get involved in suggesting solutions.

Three months before last years elections the labour councillors were aware of the planned hazardous waste plant at Judkins. I know, as, using the Freedom of Information act, I have obtained the emails sent to the planning officer. During last years election some in the Labour party chose to keep quiet about what was being planned at Judkins as they did not want it to be an election issue. The Tories can be just as bad and we will have to wait for details of Alan Farnell’s agreement with WRG (owners of the Judkins site) to block the hazardous waste plant. I wait to see what new bad news we get after the elections when we will be stuck with the councillors for another 4 years.